Linkage of Commonwealth Data

Linkage of Commonwealth Data: latest update

Currently access to Commonwealth data (e.g. MBS, PBS) for use in linkage research is restricted. However, to make these important resources more widely available, agencies from across the Commonwealth have developed a set of common principles for  data integration (also known as 'data linkage') including the use of Integrating Authorities (IA) and secure remote access laboratories.

As part of the Statistical Data Integration Framework, the Secretaries Board (i.e. heads of all Commonwealth government agencies and the Australian Public Service Commission) endorsed the High level principles for data integration involving Commonwealth data for Statistical and Research Purposes and Data Integration involving Commonwealth Data for Statistical and Research Purposes: Governance and Institutional Arrangements in 2010. As part of the governance and institutional arrangements, the Cross Portfolio Data Integration Oversight Board was established in early 2011.

In November 2011, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) joined the PHRN and were funded under EIF-SSI to become an accredited Commonwealth Integrating Authority.

On 28 June 2012 the AIHW became an accredited Integrating Authority. An accredited Integrating Authority undertakes data integration projects involving Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes. An accredited Integrating Authority has the authority to link data within and between Commonwealth and state/territory data collections.

Researchers wishing to conduct linked data research involving Commonwealth data should contact the Data Integration Services Centre (DISC) at the AIHW. Contact details for DISC can be found here.

The Sax Institute's Secure Unified Research Environment (SURE) can be used by researchers for secure access to linked Commonwealth data.

A public register has been established to collect information about data integration projects involving Commonwealth data for statistical and research purposes. To find details of these data integration projects please click here.

More information about data integration involving Commonwealth data can be found on the National Statistical Service website.


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